King of Glory Offers Numerous Opportunities to Serve

Serving Opportunities Brochure (PDF)

Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool (PDF)

There are numerous ways in which an individual may utilize his or her talents in serving at King of Glory. However, finding that right opportunity, or even figuring out where a person's talents could best be used, can be somewhat of a challenge.

Recently, the Leadership Development Committee updated its Spirtual Gifts and Serving Opportunities brochure. This brochure lists all of the serving opportunities available at King of Glory. In addition, the brochure mentions what type of spiritual gifts are needed to perform these tasks as well as a list of contacts and their contact information.

Individuals are encouraged to review their spiritual gifts by using the Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool. This is the same tool that was used during membership classes. In addition, individuals are asked to take a look at the Serving Opportunities brochure to see where they can assist with the operation of the congregation.

Serving is extremely important at King of Glory. In fact, one of the five core values of the church is "All Members Serving."

According to the core values, "It is our expectation that each member at King of Glory will be engaged in the mission of Jesus.  This engagement will look different for each person, but all will be involved, as we are not a church of spectators.  It is good and pleasing to God that we share His blessings with others in order to do His work here on earth.  The way we use our time, the way we use our talents and the way we share our financial resources flow from our faith in Jesus Christ and are a reflection of our gratitude for all that He has given us."