Jamaica Mission Team to Share Testimonies on Sunday

Front Row (L-R): Paula Merkouris, Laurie McDonald, Tina Reuer, Menzie Williams and Phyllis Williams. Middle Row (L-R): Lindsey Brua, Jacie McDonald, Brittani Ludwig, Dani Reuer, Samantha Reuer, Kaitlin Reuer and Selena Williams. Back Row (L-R): Kevin Ludwig, Nate Bolger, Cordell Williams, Avery McDonald, Tim Reuer and Kyle Helder.Members of the mission team that went to Jamaica at the end of May will be sharing their testimonies during the Sunday, August 5, worship service. The worship service begins at 10 a.m. at Sioux Falls Christian Schools.

A total of 18 individuals went on the mission trip from May 29 thru June 5. The group included 11 middle school and high school students and seven adults.

The team spent most of its stay at Robin’s Nest Children’s Home. While there, the team completed tasks such as painting, carpentry, cleaning roofs, gardening, assisting at the preschool and helping the kids with their homework.

In addition, the group attended a Friday night worship service at Green Heights Church in downtown Montego Bay, where members of the team provided special music and Kyle Helder delivered a message.

The team would like to thank the congregation for its support, both financially and in prayers. Approximately $11,700 was raised for the trip. That was enough to cover the cost for all 11 students to go on the trip. The team raised money through a variety of sources, including toilet insurance, Rent-A-Team projects, Hy-Vee gift card sales, Lenten meals, Lenten offering, busing tables at Pizza Ranch and other miscellaneous donations.

Members of the mission team included: Nate Bolger; Lindsey Brua; Kyle Helder; Kevin and Brittani Ludwig; Laurie, Avery and Jacie McDonald; Paula Merkouris; Tim, Tina, Dani, Samantha and Kaitlin Reuer; and Menzie, Selena, Phyllis and Cordell Williams.