Congregation Passes Motion to Lease Facility for Programming Needs

Lenny Kemnitz and Pastor Rich Merkouris explain the floor plan of the new facility during Wednesday night's congregational meeting.Floor Plan of New Facility

At a special congregational meeting held Wednesday night, members of King of Glory passed a motion by the Executive Committee to enter into a lease agreement for a facility that will serve as the home for all of the church’s programming outside of Sunday morning worship.

The facility is located at 400 S. Sycamore Ave., near the intersection of Sycamore Avenue and E. 10th Street. The 11,600 square foot facility is located in what used to be the former Austad’s building.

The lease agreement is for $7,000 per month for 22 months. The cost includes utilities. King of Glory is guaranteed this price, allowing the church to plan on having the space for the next two programming years.  After the initial 22-month term, there are two one-year renewable options, but the landlord will also be able to actively market the space at that time.

In moving to a new facility, there will be an increase of $5,800 per month in expenses. Currently, the church is spending $1,200 per month to rent space at Good Samaritan Society and office space at the Sioux Falls Ministry Center.

All programming outside of Sunday morning worship such as children’s and student ministry, adult Bible studies, committee meetings and fellowship opportunities will be held at the new facility. The current plan is to continue holding Sunday worship services at Sioux Falls Christian Schools. In addition, the church will also move its staff offices to the new location. Pending approval from the city, King of Glory will also hold Lenten worship services at the facility.

According to a letter sent to members prior to the congregational meeting, the new facility “provides ample parking and is in a location that is not a hindrance. The up-front cost for remodeling is minimal and there is flexible space that can meet the various programming needs.  The facility task force recommended finding a space with approximately 7,300 square feet to meet our immediate programming needs.  This space meets our current needs and allows for growth in the areas of children, student and adult ministry.”

Since the facility is currently vacant, King of Glory will be able to go in immediately and do some minor cleaning and remodeling. The building will be ready for use on September 5, the first night of scheduled education programming.