Summer Sermon Series: The Minor Prophets

Hosea, Joel, Micah, Jonah, Malachi…..Who are these people?

One response to the question above is that they are people with weird names and weird messages that do not apply to us. Those people with weird names are a couple of what we call the “minor prophets.”

The “minor prophets” is a designation given to the final 12 books of the Old Testament. Some of you have probably never read anything in these books of the Old Testament with the exception of hearing a story from one of them during Sunday school as a child. Everyone has probably heard of Jonah, but do we know what the real message of Jonah is or do we only know a Sunday school version that is incomplete? This summer we are going to take a journey and focus on eight of the 12 minor prophets on Sunday mornings.

There are a variety of reasons for us to have a sermon series on these different prophets. First and foremost, we should be consistent in looking at the whole of Scripture and often times we neglect much of the Old Testament.

We can also learn about the character of God as He reveals things about Himself through the prophecies. Furthermore, we can learn about the purposes of God for His people along with gaining insight into that which angers God or causes Him to bring His wrath.

A study of the Old Testament also helps us see the consistency and continuity of God’s plan. Many times we often think of the God of the Old Testament as different from the God of the New Testament. However, we will see that God is unchanging and the New Testament did not bring a change in God but rather ushered in fulfillment of God’s plan for redemption.

As we approach this special series, I will be putting out some more information that will help us understand the context in which the-se prophecies were made. We will also need to take some time to understand how to inter-pret the Old Testament and apply the teach-ings to our lives.

I would encourage you to read the book that will be focused on the week before the Sunday in which the sermon is on that prophet. Below is a schedule of what prophets will be focused on for the Sundays in June and July.

Even if you are going to be gone on vacation, I would encourage you to read the prophet and listen to the sermon the following week from the web site. It will help keep you connected with the family at King of Glory but more importantly will be a necessary weekly encounter with God through His Word.

Pastor Rich

Sermon Series Schedule

June 3 – Joel
June 10 – Jonah
June 17 - Hosea
June 24- Amos
July 1 - Micah
July 8 - Habakkuk
July 15 - Zechariah
July 22 - Malachi

Here is just a sampling of some of the questions that will be discussed as we look at these different prophets.
• What is tithing all about and is it really necessary?
• What is justice from the perspective of God’s Word?
• What causes God to bring His wrath?
• How are the messages of the prophets similar or in continuity with New Testa-ment teaching?