King of Glory Spotlight: May 10, 2012

NOTE: The King of Glory Spotlight is a new feature to the King of Glory web site. Its purpose is to give members and visitors alike a closer look at what is taking place at King of Glory and the personal impact these events have on the people participating in the activities.

By Derek Hackett
Communications & Technology Trustee

The internet is a dynamic place that is always moving and changing. Just in the last few years the web has become the front door for most organizations. It is pretty rare that anyone would just show up at the front door of an organization without looking at their web site first. This includes if you are just looking for a fun night on the town or a new dentist. People are always looking at the web first to get a feel for an organization and this is also the case with churches.

The narthex of the church has always been a place of welcoming and hospitality for the church, but with the front doors of the church moving to the web this place of welcoming and hospitality has moved with it. This is particularly relevant for King of Glory, since we do not have a building, much less a narthex. This basic concept of the web being the modern churches’ narthex and front door has collided with the main use of the church web site in the past as a place for members to get information. In the modern web world, these two ideas are always competing and neither one of them can ever fully go away.

With that being said, the redesign of King of Glory’s web site has been an attempt to mold both concepts together in order to be good stewards of the web. The new design can be thought of like a newspaper. The initial load or top half is geared to be the front door, or narthex, to King of Glory. It should feel welcoming and should provide information that is useful for first-time visitors to King of Glory. This means that content will not change much and will be as nice looking as possible. The under the fold section of the newspaper or the bottom of the home page that needs to be scrolled to view will be for King of Glory members. It will have events, Bible studies and kingdom events that are going on at King of Glory.

All of these changes also fit into the mission and vision of King of Glory and that is to make disciples of Jesus Christ to the glory of God. The King of Glory web site is a way in which King of Glory can reach outside the walls of the church and meet people where they are. It is a way to bring Jesus to people at any moment of the day or night. It can be a resource for Jesus to the city of Sioux Falls, providing Christ-centered messages, music and resources for study, preaching and teaching. I am excited for this redesign and I think it truly is the start of a powerful ministry that is focused on Jesus.