April Hy-Vee Gift Card Sales Goal Reached

With a goal of $10,000 set before the King of Glory congregation, sales of the Hy-Vee gift cards reached a record high in April, totaling $10,425.

April’s total sales was nearly $1,000 more than the March sales total and almost equal to the total sales amount of January and February combined, according to John Bultsma, one of the gift card program coordinators.

As the total sales amounts continue to grow, so does the benefit for King of Glory. The key element in the gift card program is that Hy-Vee donates 5 percent of all sales back to the church. That means for every $100 sold, King of Glory receives $5 in return.

The money raised then goes into a fund that can be used as a scholarship fund for anyone who needs help paying for a church-sponsored event. Until the end of May, the monies generated from the gift card sales is going to help finance the Student Ministries mission trip to Jamaica later this month.

In April alone, the program raised $521.25 for the mission trip. Since January, a total of $1,523.75 has been raised.

According to Bultsma, people are getting excited about the program and the possibilities that come with it. As a result, he believes the program will continue to grow.

“Our goal for May is to meet or exceed the April total,” said Bultsma, noting that this will be a challenge considering there are fewer Sundays and Wednesday night opportunities. “Right now, our interest is in keeping those who regularly buy cards excited about what they are accomplishing and also generating new buyers to join in the fun. If we can sustain April’s rate, in one year we would have an extra $6,000 in hand to do something, somewhere to spread God’s word. This could get wild.”

Gift cards, which are available in $25, $50 or $100 amounts, can be used for groceries, gas, prescriptions or the food court at any Hy-Vee location. They may be purchased Sunday mornings at the host table before or after worship or on Wednesday nights at the Good Samaritan Society.

Hy-Vee Gift Card Sales Breakdown

Month Total Sales 5% Bonus
January $4,200 $210
February $6,400 $320
March $9,450 $472.50
April $10,425 $521.25
Total $30,475 $1,523.75