Facility Task Force Update

On February 29 and March 4, the Physical Needs Task Force held listening sessions to gather the thoughts and ideas of King of Glory members on five questions which focused on the future of our congregational family.

We gathered every response to every question, reviewed them and found several themes that we used to categorize each response.  The document we created contains every response and the category we felt best suited the intent of that response.  You can view the document with all the information by CLICKING HERE to download it.

Each question is highlighted on the Facility Needs Questionnaire Results and below each question is every response broken out into one of six categories.  This is just an informational piece.  We have drawn no conclusions from these results.  Our charge is to gather input and present the results to the Executive Committee.

 This report and sharing the results with the congregation completes the first phase of our study.  We are now working on the second phase of our study which is asking each trustee to gather more detailed programmatic physical needs.  In addition, on April 22, we will have another listening session for our seniors to gather their thoughts on these same programmatic physical needs.  The meeting on April 22 will take place after our worship service.

Once we have gathered this information from the second phase of our study, we will compile the results from both phases and put them into a final report for the Executive Committee.

If you have any questions about the results or the process, we invite you to contact any member of the Physical Needs Task Force:  Len Kemnitz, Jean Kemnitz, Adrian Johnson, Kit Tornberg, Aleen Fisher and Dan Cook.

CLICK HERE to download the document that shows all the results of the listening sessions.