Follow the Bids for the Rent-A-Team Projects

The silent auction for the Student Ministries Rent-A-Team Fundraiser is underway. There are 10 projects up for bids, ranging from yardwork, housework, baby sitting, dog walking, heavy lifting, car washes and grocery shopping.

Bids will be accepted on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings at the Rent-A-Team Table. You can also follow the bidding process right here and use the address below to submit email bids on the items. If there are multiple electronic bids of the same amount for an item, the bid will go to the bidder who submitted their bid first. The other bidders will be notified that their bid is not valid. All bids will be updated at the end of each day.

There are minimum bids for each item. Subsequent bids must increase by at least $1 and must be a full dollar amount. Therefore, a bid increase of $1.50 will not be accepted.

Bidding will end April 22 so don't wait to submit your bid. Check back daily to see if you still have the highest bid.

Projects will be completed during the summer. Specific dates will be coordinated with the winning party. At least three people, including one adult will be present for all projects. The larger the project, the more people will be present. In addition, the projects are transferrable, meaning you can gift it to another person.

The Rent-A-Team Fundraiser is part of the Student Ministries efforts to raise money for its mission trip to Jamaica at the end of May.

Rent-A-Team Items (Bids Updated 4/20/12)

Submit electronic bids to

Yardwork: Three (3) times a group will perform various yardwork tasks such as mowing, raking, trimming, etc. Current Bid: $100.

Housework: Three (3) times a group will perform various housework tasks such as vaccuuming, cleaning, dusting, window washing, etc.  Current Bid: $100.

Heavy Lifting: If you have something that is too heavy to move or dispose, a group will come and take care of it for you. Current Bid: $50.

Baby Sitting: Four (4) times a group will come and watch the kids, giving parents some valuable time away from the children. Current Bid: $100.

Family Meal: Four (4) times a group will come over to prepare and serve a family meal. They'll even clean up afterwards. The winning party will provide the menu and the food items. Minimum Bid: $100.

Car Wash/Cleaning: Two (2) times a group will wash and clean the family vehicles inside and out. Current Bid: $50.

Garage Cleaning: If your garage needs a good cleaning or rearranging, a group will come and help you with that project. Minimum Bid: $100.

Grocery Shopping: Three (3) times a group will do your grocery shopping for you. The winning party must provide the grocery list and the method of payment. Hy-Vee gift cards purchased from King of Glory would be a great way to do this. Minimum Bid: $75.

Dog Walking: Three (3) times a group will come and walk all of the family canines. Minimum Bid: $75.

Pick-A-Project: If you have a project that doesn't meet any of the descriptions above, create your own project. You are asked to keep the skill level and talent needed to complete the project within reason. Current Bid: $100.