The Community Outreach Fills in the Gaps

The Community Outreach is a small ecumenical non-profit that has existed in the Sioux Falls area for over 30 years. The ministry was founded by local clergy that saw a need to supplement the welfare programs the state and local entities were offering. The purpose of the program is to fill in the gaps left by the public welfare system. The ministry is supported by churches, the United Way, businesses and private donations. It is well known in the area as a place to go for help.

The Community Outreach serves about 4000 people per year with three main services.

1.Financial assistance for rent and utilities

2.Information and referral to other social service agencies. The ministry acts as a clearing house for social services information.

3.The ministry also helps connect the faith community to those in need by offering opportunities to mentor families through Genesis and Project Jump Start.

Watch the video below to learn more about The Community Outreach.