Toilet Insurance Helps Raise Money for Student Ministries Mission Trip

The Student Ministries group will be taking an international missions trip to Jamaica from May 29-June 5.

In order to help subsidize the mission trip, the Student Ministries group has come up with several fundraising ideas. One idea that will be starting on Sunday, March 4, is Toilet Insurance.

On that day, a toilet will begin to find its ways onto the lawns of King of Glory households. If members do not wish to have the toilet placed in their yard, they may purchase an insurance plan. If the toilet ends up in your lawn, you can pay the removal fee. In addition, members have the chance to have the toilet placed in someone's yard, for a small fee that is.

“This is meant to be a fun event,” ministry coordinator Kyle Helder said. “We hope the congregation will get into the spirit of the fundraiser and have fun with it. It’s not our intention to offend anyone.”

Toilet Insurance Packages
Toilet Insurance:
Toilet Disposal: $10 (place toilet in a yard)
Toilet Removal: $20
Override Insurance: $40 (place toilet in an insured yard)

In addition, there will be other fundraisers occurring over the next few months. Here's a look:

Lenten Meals: All proceeds above the cost of the Wednesday night Lenten meals will be given to the mission trip. Families with people going on the mission trip will be providing desserts each week.

Hy-Vee Cards: From now until the end of May all proceeds from the sale of the Hy-Vee gift cards will go to the mission trip. Cards can be purchased in $25, $50 and $100 amounts and can be used for groceries, prescriptions or gas at any Hy Vee location. Five percent of all sales comes back to King of Glory. Cards may be purchased Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings.

Rent a Team: On April 5, the congregation will have the chance to rent student groups. Students will vouch to do household tasks for members of the congregation. Members will then bid on the task. The highest bidder will receive the services from the group.