Facility Needs Study


CLICK HERE to download the questions that will be used at the upcoming listening sessions!

It’s been nearly 1 year since we started meeting at Good Samaritan Society.  Over that time, we have been blessed many times over by God enabling us to do His work in many wonderful ways.

One thing we did when we first started gathering was to share some of our visions for our family of believers.  We have been able to implement some of those visions in our activities this past year and still have visions of implementing others. As we have grown, there are some who have not had an opportunity to share their vision of what they want King of Glory to be.  We want to take this opportunity to hear from our fellow worshippers on what their vision for King of Glory is so that we can continue to plan our future and particularly how that may impact the physical needs of our congregation.

To give this process some structure, our Physical Needs Study committee has put together a list of questions that we want each of you to read and give some thought and prayer.  This first series of questions are designed to give us a general sense of where we believe God is leading King of Glory.  We will hold “listening sessions” following the Wednesday evening service on February 29 and again on Sunday, March 4 to gather your views on these questions.

In addition, we will have future sessions to discuss programmatic functions of our congregation (worship, education, etc.) and what Physical Needs those programmatic functions look like for KOG.  Our goal is by July 1 to have a report that we can present to the Executive Committee of our findings.

You can download a question form here (CLICK HERE) so you are prepared to participate in the listening sessions.  If you are unable to attend one of the listening sessions you can complete the questions and turn in at the welcome table on Sunday morning. 

Committee members include Len Kemnitz, Jean Kemnitz, Kit Tornberg, Aleen Fisher, Adrian Johnson and Dan Cook.