1 John Small Groups Wrap Up

The short and sweet study of 1 John wrapped up last week and what a wonderful study it was.  The Holy Spirit's work this past 5 weeks was little bit like the Grinch from Dr. Seuss our hearts grew 10 sizes larger in God's love and in love for others.  Eighty-eight people came together to study and learn from each other.  We did feel "beloved" as new friends were made and old friendships were renewed as we discussed and challenged and laughed with each,  Thank you to those who hosted and lead these groups and to those who came and shared.  Thank you Pastor Rich for your insights on Sunday morning.  

Now what is next?  Let's keep the ball rolling and continue to study!  You can help by giving your suggestions for what you would like to study next and how you would like to do that.  Is there a topic of the Christian life you would like to delve into?  a certain book of the Bible or a book by a Christian author that perks your interest? would you like to study in a big group? continue in small groups? or what?  Please let Linda Williams (331-5560  lindandrandy@sio.midco.net) or Randi Helder (376-1391 - randihelder@gmail.com) or Pastor Rich know your thoughts and ideas.  Thanks and God bless you!