Why Is "The Art of Marriage" Important?

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by Randi Helder

Recently I had a chance to be a part of a wedding ceremony where the groom and bride gave their vows with an outpouring of love and emotion. It reminded me of how important the pledge is that we make to each other. A marriage retreat can rekindle or strengthen that pledge. God desires the best for us so when we accept the gift of marriage, we need to do all that we can to enjoy it to the fullest.

Marriage is a gift from God. To enjoy a gift to its fullest, we need to learn all we can about the relationship so that the gift of love can grow. This way we can help each other serve and love each other and our Lord and Savior.

Life is overwhelmingly busy and there are plenty of distractions that keep us from enjoying and encouraging the most important person in our lives after Jesus. In this world when we are pressed to be self-centered, it is important to find out what we can do to become better life partners.

When we promised in our marriage vows to be together for better or worse it was a binding promise.  Don't we want "the better?" A marriage retreat can help us to bring out "the better" in each other.

Lastly, and maybe more importantly, is that marriage is a Biblical example of Christ and His relationship with us. We want to show the world the best way we can as to what a wonderful relationship it is.

I strongly encourage everyone to attend "The Art of Marriage"