"You Asked It" Sermon Series Topics Announced

Thank you to all of you who submitted questions for our special, "You Asked It" sermon series.  We had a lot of in depth and challenging questions asked.

You can see the schedule below for the sermons that begin on Sunday, January 13.  On Sunday mornings there will be a 25-minute sermon followed by five minutes of questions as people will be invited to "text" or "tweet" questions in live immediately following the sermon.

This will be something new for many and we ask for patience as we try this new way of engaging with one another around God's Word.

Here is the schedule for the “You Asked It” Sermon Series.

Sunday, January 13: How do we determine God's will for us in life as individuals and as a congregation?  How can we listen to God?

Sunday, January 20: What does Scripture say about homosexuality and why are people angry at the church over the issue? 

Sunday, January 27: How do we interact with those of different beliefs? What is the difference between Christianity and other religions?

Sunday, February 3: Should we point out when someone is wrong?  How do we point out someone's wrong doing without being hypocritical and judgmental?  Can we hate the sin but love the sinner?

In addition to the Sunday sermon series, Wednesday nights will be an opportunity to ask follow-up questions and have dialogue about the message from Sunday morning as well as dive into other questions that were submitted. Below is the schedule for the Wednesday night forums.

Wednesday, January 16: Are there certain denominations that are not Christian.  If not, why do we have denominations? Should I be a Lutheran? Should I be a Baptist? Should I be reformed?

Wednesday, January 23: How do we mature in our faith when we are saved by grace?  Is that something we do/achieve or does God do it for us?

Wednesday, January 30: Why do we baptize infants? What do you think of dedicating infants rather than baptizing them?

Wednesday February  6: What does God say about suicide and is there hope in the midst of that terrible tragedy?