Freezer Blessings Program Needs Meals for Families in Need

King of Glory has started a new outreach project called “Freezer Blessings.”

Individuals can prepare meals that can be stored in a special freezer at the Sycamore Center and distributed to people in need. There is a need for these types of meals year round, but the need is particularly great during the holiday season.

Anyone interested in preparing some meals, for families of two on up, are asked to put the meals in some type of freezer container. It is also helpful if there is a label on the container with the meal item as well as the date it was made. Anyone needing freezer containers can pick them up from Pat Bultsma.

King of Glory has an extra freezer at the Sycamore Center where the meals can be stored and distributed
For more information on making meals for Freezer Blessings, contact Pat Bultsma at 605-941-1899.

If you know of someone in need of meals, please contact the church office at 605-271-3456, or email Pastor Rich ( or Julie Burnside ( Another contact person is lead deacon Sarah Marohl (, 605-274-6712).