Support Robin's Nest Christmas Giving Project

Below is a letter that Robin’s Nest Children’s Home in Jamaica sent to individuals and families who sponsor a child at the Nest. King of Glory supports Robin’s Nest in a variety of ways throughout the year. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to share this letter with the congregation in case anyone would like to help provide Christmas presents for the children.

Anyone interested in contributing to this project are asked to mail a check to the address below. Or you can contact Robin’s Nest home office in Lake Elmo, Minn., via the telephone number and email address listed below.

Dear Sponsors:

We are most grateful to each of you for sponsoring a child(ren) at the Nest.  It is this consistent income that helps us each month to pay our bills and provide a safe and secure atmosphere where the children can grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.  We are able to educate our preschoolers and those in the neighborhood plus provide transportation to a nearby school for the older ones that is rated as one of the top schools in the area.  The children are on a schedule every day that includes devotions and prayer and it is so much fun to hear them sing songs of praise to Jesus.

Christmas is coming and this year is a little different for us. In the past, there has been items collected over the year; and teams have brought special Christmas gifts to the children. This year there has been less of that. We have no teams coming from now until after Christmas. The children’s greatest need right now is shoes for school. There is now a “Payless Shoe Store” in Montego Bay. We have usually tried to give them one toy and one needed item (shoes this year); plus take those old enough on a field trip during their month off from school for Christmas vacation. We also try to make a special Christmas dinner for them. Fortunately, we have a cake decorator on staff to make that special “Happy Birthday, Jesus” cake.

We are writing to see if we could ask you sponsors to give an extra $20 donation this December to help us with Christmas. As you have been blessed, consider giving a “baker’s dozen” in your sponsorship by adding an extra month's donation. Anything extra will go into their education fund to provide learning aids for a couple of the children who will probably need to be home-schooled starting in January. If you want the $20 added to your monthly automatic deduction, we would need you to respond to this email by Monday night, December 3, as the automatic withdrawal is set up at the bank by the 4th to come out on the 5th. Cash sponsors can add whatever they are able to for Christmas to their checks.

The pictures just arrived today that we will be sending you of your children for Christmas. If your child has left the Nest and we have not heard from you, we will assign you a new child. Please notify us of any changes in addresses or emails so we can communicate better with you.

We are most grateful to those of you who have sent us pictures to post at the Nest for the children to see that it takes a lot of people to keep Robin’s Nest running. If you are having a family Christmas picture, please email or send us one to post.

God bless you all for your faithfulness and consistent giving to provide these special children with the basics of life. Your gift brings glory to God as you care for the “least of these.”
With much gratitude,

Robin’s Nest Children’s Home
PO Box 122
Lake Elmo, MN 55042

Email us at: or call us at 605-582-7019 to make any changes in your sponsorship.