More Volunteers Needed to Help with Southridge Bingo

Additional volunteers are needed to help Southridge Healthcare residents with Bingo on Saturdays.

Volunteers assist residents who have certain physical, or cognitive challenges that don't allow them to fully play Bingo on their own, yet they enjoy it just as much as anyone else.

"It has been a real joy being able to get to know these residents, to spend time with them, to listen to their stories, to laugh with them and enjoy just one hour out of their week together with them, ministering to them," said Jeff Herreid, who helps coordinate volunteers for this ministry.

Bingo is played on Saturdays and alternates between either 10-11 a.m. one week and 1-2 p.m. the next week.  About 3-4 people are needed each Saturday to help.

Individuals who would like to help out with the Southridge Bingo ministry, please contact Jeff Herreid at or telephone at 275-9144.

"I would make up weekly schedules, with the opportunity for people to trade with others, if a particular weekend wouldn't work out for them," Herreid said. "I would spread the times out so that it is not overwhelming for anyone, but this of course, would depend on how many volunteers we have sign up.  Please consider giving this a try.  It helps to make a big difference in these residents' lives."