Thanksgiving Eve Offering to Support Holiday Clearing House, Bus Passes

King of Glory will hold a Thanksgiving Eve worship service on Wednesday, November 21, at 7 p.m. at the Sycamore Center.

As part of the worship service, a special thank offering will be taken to assist those in the Sioux Falls community who are struggling. This offering will be split between supporting the Holiday Clearing House ministry and providing funds for transportation through the Community Outreach ministry in downtown Sioux Falls. 

Holiday Clearing House
The Center of Hope and The Community Outreach have teamed up to sponsor the Holiday Clearing House.  This program connects Christmas gift donors with families who are financially struggling. Donors let us know: 1) how much they wish to spend; and 2) if they wish to meet the family.  So far this year, more than 400 families have been sponsored.

While all expenses for the gifts are cared for by the donors, our two ministries have incurred approximately $2,000 of administrative expenses (a computer upgrade, postage, paper and miscellaneous supplies).  We appreciate and welcome any assistance in offsetting these administrative expenses.  Thank you for showing Christ’s love in this practical and important way!

Bus Passes
The Community Outreach provides 30-day bus passes for those who are struggling financially.  They provide passes to people in an active job search with limited finances (i.e. People must be registered with Department of Labor Career Center and have a counselor confirm they are in active job search, provide us enough information to confirm their need is valid; and during our interview we try to determine if there are other needs that we can recommend community resources to assist with.)  They also provide passes to people who have just obtained a job, but who have not yet received their first paycheck.  A 30-day bus pass ($25 per pass) helps them stay on the job and return to a level of self-sufficiency.