Pastor Rich to Lead Bible Studies on Materialism, Romans 8

Have you ever noticed that we have lots of “stuff?”  There is nothing wrong with “stuff” as everything is created by God.  Yet, many times money and stuff controls us rather than we having control over it.  The Bible speaks about money almost more than any other subject.

On Wednesdays, November 7 and 14, join Pastor Rich for a two-week Bible study where we will look at various scripture passages and have discussion on how we live in a materialistic world.

We will answer questions such as, what is the vision of Jesus for how we handle our money and pursue stuff? How does money exercise power over us? No matter if where you are at in your faith journey you can glean insight from these classes.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments or listen to others share.

After Thanksgiving, Pastor Rich will lead a three-week Bible study on Romans, Chapter 8. The study begins on Wednesday, November 28 and concludes on Wednesday, December 12.

All classes will be from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Sycamore Center.