Leadership Development Committee Begins Review of 2013 Leadership Candidates

Over the next couple of months, the Leadership Development Committee will be reviewing potential candidates for leadership positions within the church for 2013.

The Leadership Development Committee reviews the church membership list and examines the spiritual gifts that each member possesses. Then, the committee compiles a list of candidates for each of the vacant positions for 2013. Committee members will contact those individuals to see if there is an interest on their part to serve in that capacity. From there, the committee will review the list of interested candidates to make a final decision. That individual is placed on the ballot for election at the annual congregational meeting.

The Leadership Development Committee encourages everyone that they should prayerfully consider the opportunity to serve in a leadership position if they are contacted by a committee member.

Members of the congregation are encouraged to provide feedback to the Leadership Development Committee. If you would like to be considered for a position, please contact a committee member. In addition, if you would like to recommend someone for a leadership position, please contact a committee member. However, in these instances, you are first encouraged to contact the individual you would like to recommend to make sure that person is indeed interested in serving in a leadership position.

Members of the Leadership Development Committee are Janine Albers, Paul Anderson, John Bultsma, Gary Helder, Kevin Ludwig, Steve Tornberg and Pastor Rich.