2011 Annual Report Released for Review by Congregation

The 2011 Annual Report for King of Glory has been compiled and is ready for the congregation to review in preparation for the Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 22, at 11:10 a.m., following the morning worship service.

The Annual Report contains reports from Pastor Rich, President Arden Sustad and the lead deacon and lead trustee. Also included are the 2012 budget for and a list of candidates that the Leadership Development Committee is recommending for leadership positions in the upcoming year.

Members are asked to review the Annual Report prior to the Annual Meeting. It is also asked that members give special consideration to the list of leadership candidates. If you feel a worthy nominee for a certain position is not listed, please spend some time in prayer and also talk to the person you feel should be nominated to make sure he/she would be willing to be nominated for that position.

To view the Annual Report, click the link below.

2011 King of Glory Annual Report