Peanut Butter Christmas Giving Tree Update

During this holiday season, King of Glory is setting up a Peanut Butter Christmas Giving Tree to help collect 350 jars of peanut butter for a special holiday service project.

King of Glory will be providing food bags for the students at Hawthorne Elementary School on Thursday, December 29. These bags are intended to help ensure that the students have enough food to eat during the Christmas vacation period at school.

One item that is needed is for every food bag is a 16-ounce jar of peanut butter. Peanut Butter is a staple for protien, but the recent increase in the price has put a "crunch" on many families' budgets. Members of King of Glory can help by donating a 16 oz Jar of Peanut Butter to fill this need. You are asked to keep the jars in the 16-18 ounce size for the sake of keeping the bags consistent.

This week, donations may be dropped off on Saturday, December 24, at the Christmas Eve Service (5 p.m.) or on Sunday, December 25 at the Christmas Day worship service (10 a.m.). Both services are at Sioux Falls Christian Schools. Donation baskets will also be available for people wishing to make a monetary donation.

In addition, donations may be dropped off at the home of Randy and Karen Rehling (1705 S. Wayland Ave.).

On December 29, volunteers will gather at Hawthorne Elementary School (601 N. Spring Ave.) at 12:30 p.m. to pack the bags. Bags will then be distributed to the students at 3 p.m. A total of 12 volunteers are needed to pack the bags with 7 more needed to pass out the bags.

If you are interested in volunteering to help on the 29th, sign up on the sheets at the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day worship services. You may also contact Randy Rehling at 605-335-1644 or email him at for more information.